It is the spring of hope, and at the same time it is the winter of despair for the PR industry. But we can see clearly now that spring has sprung. We want to bring brands and communities together by making not just memorable brand experiences, but meaningful communications.
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It’s all about self-expression and everybody’s social right to beautiful things. You remember stories that just make us smile. You trust stories that make us feel part of something bigger, stories that provoke and engage. You are thankful for stories that inspire. You share stories that make us stop, and read, think or behave differently.

Be it interesting articles, photos, researches, debates or music videos, documentaries, books, stand-up comedy shows, art exhibits, stunts. In the sharing economy, content is the new currency. No more PR campaigns, what we do is make meaningful communications: telling a brand’s story with truthful human messages, packaged in good design and delivered in any and all available media. In today’s media landscape, where traditional media lack the means and the credibility, we’ll help our clients redefine their relationships to mass-media and own the media, instead of renting them.


data analytics, research, news room

Any empathic brand that has a customer-centric mindset needs data and insights to create that good content with a purpose. Over 90% of all information out in the world has been generated in the past few years and we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of more data every single day.

Not only do these data come in great volume, but at great velocity and in great diversity as well, from roadside sensors to public data, to online activity to posts on social media to records of online or offline purchase records, to cell phone GPS data etc.

Extracting value from all these vast amounts of data will be the greatest competitive advantage. To be able to help our clients get a deeper understanding of consumer sentiment and behavior, we partnered with leading data management and data analytics companies.

Together with our collaborators, we commit to the challenge of introducing our clients to the best platforms for the architecture, collection and analytics of their business-relevant big data.

We have also created our own Newsroom division. Constantly plugged into the social and cultural zeitgeist, we spot real-time communication opportunities for our clients, even anticipate tendencies and attitudes to which we give meaning through scientific research.



creating context for the right distribution

Our job is not done when content has been created. No matter how good, content requires a captive audience. So we have to make sure content has the right distribution among the myriad of technologies and channels people use to connect and interact.

With the help of our partners, we interpret all the data, turn the resulting information into actionable insights and create the right context for our content. That’s how we make sure content goes to the right person, at the right moment, on the right channel, in the right format.



driving and nurturing passion

The times we live in are ripe in knowledge, so we've set about devising ways to curate that knowledge and make it a habit. Our PR consultants and strategists work with event experts, social media specialists, pop culture aficionados, designers and copywriters. We foster innovation through collaboration with creative industries and aim to turn it into authority.

Content PR also requires an eclectic set of skills, so we've redefined our team to bring out the best talents in everyone.



We combine research with search, strategy with implementation, editorial with creative.

  • Strategy
  • Integrated communications
  • Media relations
  • Community relations
  • Spokesperson training
  • Sustainability strategy and advice
  • Social and mobile content
  • Creative and design
  • Digital media management
  • Risk & Crisis management
  • Consumer brand
  • Public affairs
  • Stakeholders management
  • Health PR
  • Tech PR
  • Auto PR
  • Financial PR
  • Energy PR



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We’re proud that our team’s passion and dedication to telling stories has been awarded and recognized both locally and internationally.

2011 The New York Festivals - Bronze World Medal - PR. Products and Services Brand Development. Kandia Dulce

2011 The New York Festivals - Bronze World Medal - Integrated Media Confections. Kandia Dulce

2011 Sabre Awards - Gold - Consumer Marketing Existing Product. Kandia Dulce

2011 Golden Drum - Gold - PR. Kandia Dulce

2011 Eurobest - PR. Kandia Dulce

2011 Cannes Lions - Titanium Lion - Titanium and Integrated. Kandia Dulce

2011 Cannes Lions - Bronze - PR. Consumer Goods. Kandia Dulce

2011 Cannes Lions - Bronze - PR. Best Launch or Re-launch. Kandia Dulce

2010 European Excellence Awards - Coca Cola

2009 The International Business Awards - Stevie Award - Creative Team Of The Year

2009 Golden Drum - Silver Award - PR. Unconventional Media. Bookfest

2009 Comunicatii Mobile - Terminalul Anului 2009

2008 The International Business Awards - Stevie Award - Best Creative Team. Coke Zero

2008 The International Business Awards - Stevie Award - Best Company History Publication

2008 Sabre Awards - Entertainment Culture And Sports. Bookfest

2008 Sabre Awards - Best New Product Launch. Coke Zero

2008 European Excellence Awards - Best Entertainment, Culture and Sport Campaign. Bookfest

2007 Sabre Awards - Consumer Marketing New Product. Coke Zero

2007 Romanian PR Awards - Silver Award for Excellence - Coke Zero

2007 European Excellence Awards - Best Corporate Communication. Coca Cola

2013 BIZ PR Awards - Awareness Award

2016 Cannes Lions - Silver Lion - Creative Data Lions Award. Pay with blood Campaign

2016 Cannes Lions - Bronze - Media. Bittersweet Pies Campaign

2016 Cannes Lions - Bronze - Media. Bittersweet Pies Campaign

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